OpenNeuro Documentation

Welcome to the OpenNeuro documentation site. OpenNeuro is a free and open platform for sharing neuroimaging data.

Getting started

If you are a looking for datasets, OpenNeuro Search allows you to search public datasets.

If you are considering uploading datasets to OpenNeuro, or recommending OpenNeuro as an upload host, please review our Data Retention Policies and our Data Management Plans. When you are ready to upload, check out our User Guide!

Getting help

If you’re running into complications, we have several methods to help you resolve them.

To start, check whether our FAQ contains what you’re looking for.

For general problems that would benefit from community expertise and advice, we highly recommend looking to NeuroStars for assistance. It is a public forum hosted by the INCF and there you’ll be able to find experienced users of OpenNeuro and BIDS, as well as experts in nearly any topic in neuroscience.

For problems with the site itself, or regarding potentially sensitive information, users may submit issues to a help desk, using the “Support” link at the top of every page.

Navigation bar, showing SUPPORT link


Because support tickets require individual attention from a limited staff, and any resolution remains private, we may refer you to a public forum where a broader audience has the opportunity to respond and the results can be searched by future users with similar problems.

Finally, if you’d like to suggest a new feature for OpenNeuro, you can do so at OpenNeuro’s User Suggestions.

Advanced usage

In addition to the web interface, OpenNeuro provides three ways of interacting with the service:

The CLI allows for data upload and download from the terminal, which can be particularly useful for large datasets or poor connections.

The GraphQL API allows users to search for datasets or query metadata more flexibly than the web interface.

We also provide direct git endpoints to datasets, which enables working with private datasets with DataLad.

Developer resources

Developers interested in hosting an OpenNeuro instance or who are curious about the structure of our package and hosting setup may be interested in the following sections.